The Origin of IMPROVment

In 2001, Matt Greenfield and Bart Keyes created the People’s Improvisational Society, which was (as far as they knew) the first improv troupe to exist on the CWRU campus. The new group was small, lacked experience, and did not have much interest in developing into a performance-level troupe. In 2002, that group, along with Nick Hanek’s newly formed troupe, the Make-You-Laughers, staged a murder mystery dinner hosted by Greenfield. Rumor holds it failed miserably, and both groups ceased operations.

In 2003, however, Matt approached Bart suggesting they try again. Thus, the two troupes joined to form IMPROVment. 

A crowd of people watching a performanceA large crowd in an audience











IMPROVment’s first performance was held in the Eldred Black Box Theatre on campus. Attendance was sparse, drawing in an estimated 15 people. However, by the spring of 2004, the shows started gaining attendance at times reaching more than a hundred guests. People would stand behind the pews, sit on the stage, or were turned away due to seating limits. As their popularity rose, the troupe moved to a bigger stage in the Kalberer Black Box Theatre. What started as only three shows a semester is now a show every weekend.


IMPROVment could not continue all these years without the help of returning fans and welcoming newcomers.

We thank you and hope to continue to make you laugh!

photo from an Improv show with purple lighting and big crowd