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Marin Exler

"Hey! Quit jaggin arahnd n' slammin' the screen door!!!"

“I will only eat the finest grass out of the ground.”

She is a woman of many names. Maahrin. Erin. Marine. Muh-rin. Marian. Marium. Mavin. Mern. Merg. Maroon. She is the student that when a substitute teacher says, “Martin?” She sighs, and responds, “here.” She is short. She can fit inside of a box. No matter the size of the box. One time, Marin learned to play the violin, and then ate it. It did not taste good. She wants to grow up to be unsuccessful in life, which won’t be that hard for her. She wants to let everyone know that her name is actually pronounced Mair-en. But if you call her by the wrong name, she will probably lick you

Page last modified: February 13, 2017