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Joe Fennimore

'Damnit Osgood...I'm a man!' 'Well nobody's perfect.'

‘Damnit Osgood…I’m a man!’ ‘Well nobody’s perfect.’

Joe is a Computer Science major from Pittsburgh PA who enjoys acting, drawing, writing, singing, video games, and long walks on the beach. Plans for the future involve a lot of Improv shows but the rest of the crystal ball is foggy. In the meantime, his favorite season is Fall, dream vacation is Venice, favorite food is homemade cavatelli. Joe says he feels very honored to be a part of the troupe as early as his freshman year and owes many thanks to the support of his friends, family, and partner in oddity, Julie Mueller. Fun facts: Joe is left-handed, cannot iceskate to save his life, can kill a moth from five feet away with a blowdart, likes to believe that he can cartwheel, plays Slender for fun, occasionally eats flowers, and at the age of two ran headfirst into a radiator and split his head open (The reason is unknown to this day, but the effects may have some place in the above list of fun facts.)

Page last modified: February 8, 2017